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Law Office of Maurice LaRiviere, Jr.

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Massachusetts Cases I handled and won

Beal vs. Blache and City of Methuen, USDC-MAD 2005 WL 352861

   In this case I represented the city when it was sued because an officer on duty took into custody a female and then raped her. The officer was convicted on rape charges and sent to prison. The city won the case when it proved we did not cause this injury.


Monahan vs. Methuen, Supreme Judicial Court, 408 Mass. 381

   A fireman sued the city for negilgence when he was permanently injury as a result of an on duty accident. The city proved it was not liable.


Blaser vs. Town Manager of Methuen, Appeals Court, 19 Mass. App. 727,477 N.E.2d 417, review denied 395 Mass. 1102     

In this case the city won a lawsuit brought against it when it removed the board chairman from his position.


Wightman vs Methuen, Appeals Court, 26 Mass App. Ct. 279

In this case the city won a negligence case brought against it for injuries a child sustained. The city won on the basis that the claim was improperly presented.

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